• Downlink of almost all TV broadcasting satellites visible in the US East Coast
  • Downlinks at partner teleports in the UK,  Jordan,  Brazil and Australia;
  • Turnaround services in C Band and KU Band to the US, Latin America,  Europe and Africa, with or without re-formatting, re-encoding and transcoding
  • IP transmission of downlinked channels to customer facilities or CDNs
  • Full Time and Occasional Uplink and Turn-Around services;
  • TV Signal management, including audio levels balancing,  frame synchronization, Standards Conversion , SD/HD conversion, Closed Captioning, MPEG2 and MPEG4 encoding and transcoding.


  • Switched routing of any source to any destination, either satellite downlink/uplinks or IP links.
  • DVB-S or S2, QPSK or 8PSK, BISS Scrambling and other features offered at customer’s choice; higher orders of modulation are also available as needed.
  • All MCPC, multiplexed services are performed at CBR (constant bit rate) not making use of statistical multiplexers – “you get what you paid for!“
  • Encryption, Conditional Access and Subscriber Management services for channels being distributed by UNITED TELEPORTS, by means of flexible CAS platform, which allows the use of cost-effective non-proprietary set top boxes at the receiving end.
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Monitoring and recording of all Teleport Transmissions and returns, via satellite and fiber, with automatic alarms for all critical conditions broadcast with SMS messages to engineering support staff
  • Monitoring of TV channels by multi-viewers with automated audio and video alarming and in-depth diagnostic tools such as rasterizers for trouble shooting.
  • Monitoring and recording of off-air channel transmissions
  • Compliance recordings, such as actual video and audio files or traffic and as-run lists,  can be done based on specific returns as required by the customers.
  • Monitoring services for TV channels and networks
  • Data center and collocation services for TV Channels and TV networks
  • TV distribution via partner teleports, typically done by means of collocation of capture, storage, play-out, encoding and multiplexing equipment owned and operated by UNITED TELEPORTS and making use of partners uplink facilities and infra-structure.


For Technical and Operational Support
Please Call (305) 671-3333