Ricardo P. Dias – C.E.O.

Ricardo Dias started his career in Satellite Telecommunications in 1999 in California, at one of the leaders of the VSAT industry at that time, building up his experience from satcom telecommunications network installation and operations.

As a young entrepreneur with passion for high tech business, Ricardo Dias started his first venture in satellite telecommunications in 2002 in the area of equipment refurbishing and sales, systems installation and integration. In 2003, Ricardo’s vision of creatively using high technologies to meet customers’ needs for cost effective solutions, led to pioneering projects for satellite data communications in West Africa including a CDMA (spread spectrum) VSAT System and several SCPC data services in that region. In 2005, Ricardo founded UPCOM Technologies Inc., now a major provider of cost-effective solutions for the Broadcasting Industry with equipment deployed at all major TV networks in the United States and other countries. In 2010, in response to customers urgent needs which required offer quick, effective and “out of the box” solutions for VSAT system services as well as TV channel distribution over satellite and IP, Ricardo founded UNITED TELEPORTS with the objective to provide Teleport Services for VSAT Data and TV Broadcasting applications with the use of disruptive innovations & effective technical solutions.

Renato G. Dias – C.O.O.

Renato Dias brought to UNITED TELEPORTS over 40 years of experience in Telecommunications, in special Satellite Systems Engineering. Graduated at the most prestigious school of Electronics and Aerospace Engineering in Brazil (ITA) and with a Master’s Degree at George Washington University, his career started as Systems Engineer at the National Space Research Institute in Brazil, then as Project Manager for Radio Navigation and Air Traffic Control systems, followed as head of the Electronics & Controls Engineering at a major defense and telecommunications company at that country. In the 90’s his experience expanded to mobile communications, through pioneering engineering projects such as implementation of some of the first cellular telephony systems in Brazil and implementation of the first Digital GSM system in Malaysia. For 10 years, Renato worked at a major provider of TDM/TDMA and DAMA VSAT systems in the USA, evolving from a VSAT systems engineering director position to program director and to vice-president of sales, where Renato was a key person to take satellite rural telephony solutions to several countries in the Americas as well as in Asia. In 2005, Renato joined Ricardo Dias as co-founder of UNITED TELEPORTS and UPCOM TECHNOLOGIES, bringing synergy to the several fronts of the satellite telecommunications industries: equipment, systems integration and services.

Matt Alheim – VP of Sales

Matt Alheim came to United Teleports from Arqiva where he was managing sales for the Americas. He brings with him extensive experience and market knowledge for the Americas and European territories. Coming from a larger organization, Matt is now enjoying being able to offer agile and customer tailored solutions designed by United Teleports. Matt has an MBA from George Washington University School of Business.

Rolando Figueroa – VP of Sales

Rolando Figueroa’s expertise in media services sales with all content distribution platforms (OTT, satellite, fiber, broadcast), built up at broadcasters such as MGM Latin America, Zee TV, Level 3, BBC and others, will allow us an increased focus on US Hispanic, Caribbean and Latin American markets. Rolando holds a MA degree from University of Florida and a BA in Telecommunications from Michigan State University.


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