Toon Power

The Client:

ToonPower LLC

The Project:

Form a Content/Technical partnership to produce and distribute Toon Power, a new classic animation television channel for the US and Latin America markets.

The Challenges:

Rapid digitization of the very large Dreamworks Classic animation library to the highest quality standards.

Rapidly deployed encrypted signal distribution to an established satellite neighborhood.

The Solutions:

Upcom Technologies UC-MP automated ingest/playout solution.

United Teleports skilled equipment sourcing and System Integration.

United Teleports’ SES-6 premium C band satellite capacity.

The Story: 

Nine Months ago ToonPower approached us to assist the process of launching a new US and Latin American television network, utilizing the Dreamworks Classic animation library including He-man, She-Ra, Mr Magoo, Felix the Cat, Fat Albert, Casper, The Archies and many more well known titles.

UC-MP Batch Digitizing and Playout : Our UC-MP Ingest system, controlling our rapidly sourced and integrated banks of Digibeta VCR’s, allowed us to batch digitize tens of thousands of hours of videotape in a matter of weeks. UC-MP Playout plays the Toon Power channel out with “five nines” reliability.

Satellite Distribution: Toon Power is encoded in H.264 (MPEG4), encrypted with Upcom Technologies DVB Encryption, and uplinked in Miami, Florida to United Teleports’ SES-6 C band satellite capacity with “5 nines” reliability. Signal is received at cable head ends throughout the United States and Latin America by United Teleports rapidly deployed Upcom Technologies satellite receivers, providing very high quality decoding at very affordable prices. United Teleports manages all satellite receiver/decoder authorizations as well as provides 24 hour NOC and Teleport phone and email technical support.

Conclusion:  United Teleports is the perfect partner to help turn an un-monetized content library into a revenue generating, widely distributed, high quality television channel.

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