Special Services

Special Services

UNITED TELEPORTS provides TV Channel SD and HD Play-Out services ranging from fully managed, server based Master Control and Play-Out Services, to Customer Remotely Controlled or Managed Play-Out Services to Edge Play-Out Services.

*24/7/365 Master control, Monitoring and Engineering Services. 

TV Station Remote Management

UNITED TELEPORTS offers a variety of services for over-the-air TV Stations, which allow them to minimize both capital expenses and operating costs, such as:


-Ingest and Master Control

-SD and HD Play-Out with servers either at teleport or edge servers at transmission site

-Multiplexing of Sub-Channels

-Delivery to TV Station Transmission Site, via satellite, Internet or microwave

-Remote control of transmission sites

-EAS – Emergency Alert System

-Monitoring 24 x 365 x 7

-Engineering staff for regulatory compliance

-Studios for Live Shots of News and Interviews, with Green Screen and Virtual Sets Switcher

Live Events Coverage

UNITED TELEPORTS distribution of content is augmented with equipment collocated at partner teleports in the United Kingdom, Jordan, Brazil, Mexico and Australia providing coverage on a extended geographical base.

In order to be able to assist its customers in special events coverage, UNITED TELEPORTS offers satellite uplink and production trucks and  fly-away systems  in C band and Ku Band ready to go for the next mission, equipped with state-of-the art equipment such as MPEG4 HD Encoders,  DVB-S2, 8PSK, 16APSK modulators and others.



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Customer Hotline

Customer Hotline

Information / Sales
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Technical Support
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24 x 7 x 365

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Back Up and Disaster Recovery

-Content Preservation 

-Downlink Turn Around on Substitute Satellites 

-Fiber and IP back Up 

-Scheduled Play-Out 

-Remote Earth Station 

-Mirror Earth Station 

-Mobile Satellite Services

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