Play Out Modes

Master Control and Managed Play-Out Services:  

Typically include content capture and ingest, QC, traffic and programming, play-out lists build up, content storage management, server based play-out, loudness audio correction, cue tone insertion, live feed switching and integration done by UNITED TELEPORTS staff.

24/7/365 master control, monitoring and engineering services

Actual play-out of each channel is fully monitored by our Master Control staff at the output level, at the satellite return downlink and in some case over-the-air return as require by the customers, to assure a flawless channel origination and distribution and to provide quick and rapid intervention  in cases such as play-out gaps or overlaps in the play-out list .

Customer Remote Controlled Play-Out

Several customers prefer to handle all content management aspects, from production, programming and play-out lists and remote control of the play-out servers located at UNITED TELEPORTS facilities. 

RAID Storage and Play-out Servers are monitored and managed by the teleport staff who intervene as needed in coordination with the customers.

Edge Distributed Play-Out

For networks with distribution at markets over wide geographical areas, when the ability to insert local content such as local news, local weather updates, local commercials into a national feed is of utmost importance, UNITED TELEPORTS offers services of a play-out of a national feed from its facilities ,complemented by edge play-out servers at the transmission sites .

Edge play-out servers work also as back-up in cases of eventual disruption of the communications between the teleport and the transmission site such as during solar outages or glitches over IP transmissions.

Customer Hotline

Customer Hotline

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