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We offer channel origination services in any flavor the customer requires. We are not married to any one technology or workflow. But for cost-effective, reliable multi-format playout with unbeatable speed to market we recommend our own state-of-the-art, fully automated file-based play out systems, that have the ultimate flexibility of handling multiple formats without time consuming file conversions or expensive licensing procedures.

Multi-Format Play-Out Servers

UNITED TELEPORTS  bases its capture and play-out services on a very flexible line of software and servers, which support virtually all formats without need of additional licenses , which typically cost time and money with other legacy play-out systems very common in the market

The Capture, Ingest and Play-out tapeless workflow at UNITED TELEPORTS is fully automated making the captured / ingested files available to the play-out lists of each specific TV Channels.

Graphic Insertion

UNITED TELEPORTS play out systems offer all Graphic Insertions features required by an up-to-date TV Channel operation, such as channel logos, banners,  lower 3rds,  RSS insertion.

Closed Captioning

All channels originated by UNITED TELEPORTS for broadcasting in the United States are fully compliant with the Closed Captioning regulations by the FCC,  either with CC embedded in the original content or with closed captioning insertion by UNITED TELEPORTS automated Closed Captioning insertion systems.

Switch for Live Feeds Insertions

UNITED TELEPORTS provides switching services for insertion of live feeds in to scheduled play-out of stored content, for coverage of special, scheduled or non-scheduled events such as sports events,  auctions  and news.

Customer Hotline

Customer Hotline

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