UNITED TELEPORTS provides a full range of SD and HD television content management, processing, playout and distribution services to more than 30 networks in USA and Latin America, distributed to over 100 million households via satellite and Internet to major Cable, DTH, OTT and Terrestrial Broadcast platforms.

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Channel Origination Services





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Media Distribution


Special Services

Our solutions are timely, tailored and cost-effective, leveraging a unique competitive edge that combines the resources of an equipment manufacturer, the knowledge of an expert service provider, and the entrepreneurial spirit of a true disruptive innovator. By taking advantage of our flexible, multi-format and modular systems and services, we provide tangible benefits and value in adapting to ever changing requirments of the broadcast and telecom marlets.

TV broadcasters can avoid the huge costs of upgrading their own legacy equipment to handle the ever changing requirements of the market such as High-Definition Television or multi-format OTT Streaming.


The TV Broadcasting industry has been moving very fast integrating the traditional TV video and audio broadcasting engineering to a complex environment mixing those traditional disciplines to the exciting world of Information Technology where servers and routers make the basic fabric to carry TV content end to end, from program sources to viewers.

Switched routing of any source to any destination, either satellite downlink/uplinks or IP links.

DVB-S or S2, QPSK or 8PSK, BISS Scrambling and other features offered at customer’s choice; higher orders of modulation are also available as needed.

All MCPC, multiplexed services are performed at CBR (constant bit rate) not making use of statistical multiplexers – “ you get what you paid for ! “

Encryption, Conditional Access and Subscriber Management services for channels being distributed by UNITED TELEPORTS, by means of flexible CAS platform, which allows the use of cost-effective non-proprietary set top boxes at the receiving end.

24 x 7 x 365 Monitoring and recording of all Teleport Transmissions and returns, via satellite and fiber, with automatic alarms for all critical conditions broadcast with SMS messages to engineering support staff

Monitoring of TV channels by multi-viewers with automated audio and video alarming and in-depth diagnostic tools such as rasterizers for trouble shooting.

Monitoring and recording of off-air channel transmissions

Compliance recordings, such as actual video and audio files or traffic and as-run lists,  can be done based on specific returns as required by the customers.

Monitoring services for TV channels and networks

Data center and collocation services for TV Channels and TV networks

TV distribution via partner teleports, typically done by means of collocation of capture, storage, play-out, encoding and multiplexing equipment owned and operated by UNITED TELEPORTS and making use of partners uplink facilities and infra-structure.


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